ROBIN 3-in-1 Bird Feeder and Bird Bath

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Never compromise. A feeder in the winter, a bird bath in the summer! You can use the Robin feeder and bird bath from spring to winter. Two reservoirs designed for different food types mean you can fill the feeder with both loose food and fat balls, while you can use the third reservoir as a birdbath in the warmer parts of the year. A water source is invaluable for birds, especially on hot days. Water plays an important role for cleaning, not only drinking. The birdbath install you by either hanging it using the cord or by attaching it to a wooden pole. The feeders you install by hanging it using the cords. The cords are included.

This set includes 
1× feeder for loose mixtures
1× feeder for fat balls
1× bird bath.

The capacity of fat balls reservoir: 3 fat balls
The capacity of loose mixture reservoir: 0,55 l
The capacity of water reservoir: 0,55 l


Height: 27.5cm
Width: 18cm
Depth: 16.4cm

Weight: 0.585kg