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The Best Worm Composters 🥇 Free shipping in Canada 🇨🇦

A real urban worm farm in Montreal

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"Well packed live worms, looked healthy and active." 📦

1/4 lb of red wigglers compost worms (eisenia fetida) - Buy now

Jinxiu, Toronto Ontario

"Everything came in good shape." 💪

1/2 lb of red wigglers compost worms (eisenia fetida) - Buy now

James, Edmonton Alberta

"5 star seller! Super fast shipping." ⭐

1/4 lb of red wigglers compost worms (eisenia fetida) - Buy now

Karlo, Montreal Quebec

"Happy! All the worms arrived alive." 🙂

1 lb of red wigglers compost worms (eisenia fetida) - Buy now

Jean-Baptiste, Ottawa Ontario

"Good source for compost worms." 👍

1/8 lb of red wigglers compost worms (eisenia fetida) - Buy now

Stephen, Vancouver British Columbia

Guaranteed to arrive alive 📦

Our red wigglers compost worms are shipped in a homemade breathable bag with organic peat moss to let air flow through while retaining moisture.  We also add a snack for the road to ensure that the red wiggler worms arrive alive, healthy and active. Our unique shipping technique, developed during the early-stage of pandemic and the Canada Post shipping delays, makes our worms being able to survive 2 weeks in transit if necessary. For more details, please read the shipping policy or contact us. 🚚

Great customer service 👩‍💻

Your order includes free support by email in case you have any question or problem with your worm bin. We will provide you with simple, easy and practical solutions quickly! Feel free to contact us, it will be a pleasure to help you. You can also read our blog posts for advices to start vermicomposting. 📖

Prevent and fight fly infestation 🥊

Have you ever heard of beneficial nematodes? They are microscopic worms that hunt down and kill maggots (fly larvae). This is an easy, cheap and effective way to prevent and fight flies as a form of organic insect control. Add them to your cart, and to your worm bin! 🛒

Shipping during winter ⛄

As the worms need to stay above freezing during transit to arrive alive, we only ship worm composters and vermicomposting supplies during winter.

It is still possible to pick up worms at our worm farm in Montreal but all other worm orders will be shipped in Spring 2021 (March/April) as soon as the weather allows it.